Possible Nova in the Hyades field? (!)

Tue, 10/23/2012 - 18:07

An ATel (#4513) just came through suggesting a possible 6th magnitude transient in the Hyades field.

Coordinates are 04:23:29, +17:58:29, 10" error.  A quick check of VSX showed nothing in that position.  Minor Planet Checker also showed nothing.

All followups encouraged, especially from the spectroscopists.  It is possible this is not a real detection, so confirmation of the transient is most critical.

A Special Notice will go out shortly.

Magyar Csillagaszati Egyesulet, Valtozocsillag Szakcsoport (Hungary) (MCSE)
hot pixel?

Unfortunately the sky is foggy here.

Looking at the image posten on Shelton's website I suspect it can be a hot pixel. It would be good to check the original raw images (if they exist at all).

Magyar Csillagaszati Egyesulet, Valtozocsillag Szakcsoport (Hungary) (MCSE)
Munatry: nothing visible

"there is nothing within 10 arcmin of the given position which is not already present on the Palomar prints."
(Ulisse Munari posted on vsnet-alert and other lists)

Special Notice 300 Cancelled

Thanks to everyone for the quick follow up observations and analysis -- I think the transient noted in ATel #4513 has been shown not to exist.  I have issued Special Notice 301 to cancel the request made in SN #300.