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Praise from PI in T Tauri campaign

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Praise from PI in T Tauri campaign

Dr. Darryl Sergison’s (University of Exeter) campaign to study the environments of six T Tauri stars (AAVSO Alert Notice 473) has been underway this observing season on the first three stars, RY Tau, DN Tau, and DR Tau. Dr. Sergison writes, "The photometry collected this season is great, I have been working with it and would be very keen to continue with these objects again next season." Please continue with your visual observations, multiband photometry, and spectroscopy as long as possible this season. The other three stars will be announced when they have been selected. Thank you, observers, and keep up the good work!

Good observing  -  Elizabeth Waagen, AAVSO HQ

Robin Leadbeater
revised ARAS spectroscopic programme

The revised ARAS spectroscopic programme for the upcomming season on this campaign can be found here


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