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Problems with ASAS database

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Problems with ASAS database

Dear colleagues,


I have not been able to access the data in the ASAS database for three days.

Does anyone of you have any idea what problem there is?

Best wishes


Problems with ASAS database

It seems the ASAS-3 look-up utility is down as much as it is up.  I hope someone has tried to copy _all_ the data to some other place.  This is the sort of thing that should be at VizieR but is not.



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Same problem with CRTS-2

There is the same problem with data from CRTS-2, by "External Links" in VSX and by website with the menu "Data Services > Single Sources".


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ASAS3 is back in operation

I just saw that ASAS3 is fortunately back in operation. The data format was not changed.

ASAS issues

Hello All,

Unfortunately ASAS tends to go down fairly regularly. Sometimes for a day and sometimes for a couple weeks. There is no one that I know to contact, so you will just have to wait it out. The only good news is that it does eventually come back up. 

Good Luck,
Bert Pablo
Staff Astronomer, AAVSO

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