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Public access to AAVSO photometric databases

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Public access to AAVSO photometric databases

Of the fourteen sources listed in SeqPlot, it appears that only three, APASS, GCPD and Tycho2 are readily accessible elsewhere. I sometimes have occasion to want more than what is listed in SeqPlot; for example to enable me to choose between multiple sets of values for a specific star.  I am unable to find data for BSM,(N or S), Coker30, NOFS, K35, OC61, SRO (35 or 50), TMO61 or W (28 or 30), although I have looked on VizieR and the AAVSO site. Where can the general public access more of their contents than are given in SeqPlot?



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I was just looking at some of your more recent observations.  One was for a target that lacks a sequence.

FYI, You can request sequences via:

I noticed another target whereby it appeared that you were not using an existing sequence.  You can file problems that you may have  witth any given sequence via our CHET service:

As you probably have already figured out, you can quite easily acquire a table (or visual) of any source data for any given fov, if it exists, simply using seqplot for the sources you mentioned.  For the majority of your brighter targets, of the surveys mentioned (excluding, only because you have already referenced, APASS. GCPD & Tycho2), probably only BSM would be useful as the others tend to provide only fainter data.

I would be happy to discuss some of this issue with you direclty, if you wish to:

Tim Crawford, Sequence Team


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calibration databases

Hi Stephen,

As you probably know, these databases are included in Seqplot, and are tables in its database (Seqcat).  They are my analyses of year's worth of AAVSOnet data, part of what was required for producing the Epoch Photometry Databases.

If you want to get the search results for a specific field, seqplot does well.  If you want to search the entire database using SQL queries, that access is not available to the general public at this time.  Putting that data on VizieR actually sounds reasonable, or at least a writing paper for reference.  Thanks for the suggestion!


Public Access

Hi Arne,

Thank you for answering my question!  I certainly think that in the interest of transparency all the AAVSO databases be accessible to the community.



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