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Fellow LPV'ers, 

There is good evidence we're entering into the multi-year period where R Aqr is getting eclipsed and thus produces deep minimia. This happens every 44 years. 

This is a very unique and interesting system. Read more about it here.

Also refer to Alert notices 665 and 535 for more information. 

The latest observations (10/5) put the star around 11.5 V, so near its normal minimum. Let's see if it gets lower! 


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Something is going on

According to Frank Schorr, R Aqr's B-V has really been decreasing over the last 150 days. Looks like the star is entering its multi-year event. 

Exciting indeed.

The Mira stars that I observe have very regular lightcurves. It's exciting to see one that really deviates and I enjoy trying to imagine how and why it happens. (The VSOTS article was very helpful in this regard.) From the LCG (as of 11/22) it looks like R AQR is down in the 12's.

Thank you for your post. I look forward to adding some visual points to the lightcurve in the coming months.


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