RASC Publishes David Levy's Log Books Online

The RASC has just published a digital copy of David Levy's personal log books in PDF format:

It covers 16,000 observing sessions over 50 years. Given his active background in variable star observing there may be many articles of interest here for those interested in history of variable star astronomy projects. For example, his discovery of the March 23 1990 TV Cor outburst is noted in Volume 16.

The following quote by David Levy is from the RASC web page:

"Not long ago, my wife Wendee and I asked our daughter Nanette if she would like to undertake the challenge or digitizing all of my observing archive, which begins in the mid-1950s with the sighting of the Big Dipper, and later of a single meteor, at Twin Lake Camp in Vermont. Session No. 1 records the October 2, 1959 partial solar eclipse visible from near my childhood home in Montreal. Nanette has done a superb job, completing the task over the course of a year.That morning session in 1959 was the first of more than sixteen thousand observing sessions held over more than half a century. It is my hope that members of the RASC and visitors to the RASC website will be able to read, study, and enjoy this archive, and that it will help inspire them to keep records of their own observing sessions. In my view, observations not recorded are not observations. Observations that are recorded can stay alive indefinitely. May you all enjoy this archive".