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Recent novae, 2018-02-24

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Recent novae, 2018-02-24

There have been a bunch of novae over the past couple of months, and I was having trouble keeping them straight.  For my own use, I've created a summary with today's magnitudes, and I'm posting it here in case it is of interest to others.  Note that all of these are in the southern hemisphere, but doable with the Bright Star Monitor (BSM) telescopes (or OC61 for the fainter stars) of the AAVSOnet, in case anyone wants to submit a proposal.

More information on most of these can also be found on Koji Mukai's webpage:

We haven't had a good northern nova in several years!


PNV J16484962-4457032  (N. Sco 2018 no.2)

Discovery: 19 Feb 2018

coordinates: 16 48 49.62 -44 57 03.2

type: FeII, reddened

V Magnitude: 12.0

Notes: falling

PNV J17244011-2421463 (Oph)

Discovery: 13 Feb 2018

coordinates: 17 24 39.96 -24 21 47.5

type: FeII

V Magnitude: 13.1

Notes: little data, no trend

PNV J13532700-6725110 (N Cir 2018)

Coordinates: 13 53 27.59 -67 25 00.9

Discovery: 19 Jan 2018

type: FeII

V Magnitude: 7.5

Notes:  peak at V=6.8 about two weeks ago, now falling

PNV J17180658-3204279 (N Sco 2018)

Discoery: 18 Jan 2018

type: Fe II

V Magnitude: 15.0

Notes: falling from peak of 11 on Jan 19

PNV J11261220-6531086 (Nova Mus 2018)

discovery: 14 Jan 2018

coordinates: 11 26 15.16 -65 31 23.3


V Magnitude: 10.5

Notes: falling from peak of 6.8 at 15 Jan



David Benn
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Question about observing proposals and novae

Hi Arne

Long time no key. Hope you are well.

Thanks for the summary. I've submitted some observations of N Cir and Mus 2018 (visual and DSLR) and your suggestion to submit a proposal caught my interest.

I have no experience with submitting AAVSOnet proposals so thought it would be a Good Thing to find out more. I note from:

that this point is made (my bold):

Finally some comments on specific kinds of observations that are unlikely to be approved:

 1) New novae are typically put on an AAVSOnet telescope as quickly as possible, so there is no need to propose to observe them.

I know that this says typically not always, but I just wondered whether this policy/guideline is no longer in effect, in light of your suggestion that someone may want to consider submitting a proposal. Then again, there are no AAVSOnet observations yet for N Cir or Mus 2018, so your suggestion makes sense. :)

I guess my question is simply whether the How-To page should be updated re: this point.



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