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Reducing FITS size for use in Vphot

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Reducing FITS size for use in Vphot

Hi and thank you for reading this

I mounted a secondary scope piggy back on my C14 comprised of a 61mm William Optics refractor and an ASI1600MM Camera. This System is producing 62 Megabyte science images AFTER I process through Astroimage J.

How do I reduce the FITS size below 50 megs so that I can upload to Vphot?



Pablo Lewin

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Hi Pablo,

This is a 16Mpix camera.  Assuming 16bit resolution, each image should be 32MB in size.

AstroImageJ must be producing floating-point images.  Check and see if there is an output option to use 16-bit unsigned integer.  With your 12-bit ADC, 16bits is more than adequate for storage.

Otherwise, the only options are to either bin 2x2, or else use a subframe that only contains the variable and its comps.


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16 bit unsigned integer thanks!

Thank you Arne, I fixed it by selecting 16 bit on AstroimageJ and all is well!



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