Reported Bugs

Welcome to the new AAVSO web site, our first new redesign since 2003. Click here to read about it via our announcement on the AAVSO Discussion Group.

This page is to list bugs that we are aware of and their status. Report any bugs not on the list either via this form or by e-mailing We will update this list throughout the weekend as bugs reports come in and as we address them. This list is in order of time received:


  • Confirmation messages do not always appear. For example, when submitting data through Webobs you don't get a "data accepted" response. This occurs on other pages of the site as well. This is currently our highest priority bug. Fixed.
  • AAVSONet observing time request form. Done.
  • Most users are unable to upload pictures to their personal profile. Fixed. Click on "My Account" to upload a picture.
  • Quicklook: Option to search for all data on a given date doesn't exist. Also, the transformed data field is not showing. Fixed.
  • Instructional PDF links on the VSP page give a "Requested Page Not Found" error. Fixed.
  • "Last Observation Received" data on home page is sometimes wrong. Fixed.
  • LCG is not plotting I-Band data. Fixed.
  • Users who are already logged in get an "Access denied" error if they go to the login page, instead of a simple "you are already logged in" message.
  • The content of the field for legacy chart scale is not properly refreshed with the value that was previously entered on the page. Cannot reproduce at this time.
  • Upon entering "request AAVSO Observer Code" page, user found it pre-populated with another user's application information.Cannot reproduce at this time.
  • The "Requested Page Not Found" page's "contact us" link is incorrect. Fixed.
  • Log in not recognizing some user observer codes. - Cannot reproduce at this time. Need more info.
  • Web site was down for 2 hours on Saturday. This was due to a power supply failure on a switch.
  • The Quick Look page does not display H and J observations.  Fixed.
  • In the Light Curve Generator, background grid option isn't working. Fixed.
  • The rows of the table of photometry in VSP are misplaced. Cannot reproduce at this time.
  • Link to download Vstar software download doesn't work. Fixed
  • Weird cookie bug: When you use certain forms like VSP or the LCG, then click the "Back" button in your web browser, it doesn't load the settings of the form you just submitted. Instead, it loads settings from a previous session. The short-term solution is to click "Plot a new curve/chart" on the results page, instead of clicking "Back". That will preserve your current settings. This is a particularly gnarly bug that will likely have to wait until we have hired our new web developer.
  • VSP is not working for people who are NOT logged into the web site. Fixed.
  • Quick Look only searches by calendar date, JD searching not supported.
  • FaceBook, Twitter, and RSS icons at bottom of page do not show up in IE. They do show up in Firefox.
  • Tab-separated data download files are separated by the characters "\t" instead of an actual tab. Fixed.
  • VSP linkout from VSX is broken. Returns 404 page not found error. Fixed.
  • Links on SID Equipment page return page not found error. Fixed.
  • Quick Look and "last obs received" on home page are not showing fainter than symbols. Fixed.
  • Need a button in WebObs to give a count of all the observations made by an observer.
  • WebObs' single entry form's display of recently submitted obs is missing some fields.
  • Investigate ways to speed up site performance/lower bandwidth requirements.
  • In "Who's Online" some pictures are showing up as thin, white, vertical lines.
  • When editing observations, if you edit the comment field the HTML is put into the DB instead of the text.
  • When submitting observations the observations you submit are no longer showing up at the bottom of the form.

List Last Updated: 100825 at 1130 EDT.

The following are a list of features that are not currently implemented on the new web site. However, our contractor will slowly add them over the next month. They are listed in order of assigned priority.

  • CHET
  • MyNewsFlash Account Edit Form
  • An expanded Data Download Tool (the current one is fully functional)
  • New and improved chat room. (the current, IRC-based one is functional until then)
  • Tool to upload spectra to a new spectra archive
  • Online forums!