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RU Peg outburst likely beginning

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RU Peg outburst likely beginning

Observations from several observers show RU Peg brightening by half a magnitude in the last ~24 hours; the outburst looked for in support of Dr. Koji Mukai's campaign (see AAVSO Alert Notice 459) is very possibly beginning. The astronomers have been alerted. Please observe RU Peg tonight if you possibly can and submit your observations to the AAVSO International Database as soon as possible.  (Be careful of the 12.5 star ~11" from RU Peg.) Many thanks and good observing!  Elizabeth Waagen, AAVSO HQ

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Color change too!

Yes, especially its rising more in B than V, which means its "whitening", a characteristic of CV's in outburst. So, thats definitely supports this conclusion. 

Mike LMK

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RU Peg

It appears likely that this outburst could well be one of RU's slow rise events, as the star seems to be having a tough time getting going in its brightening phase. It was still at magnitude 12.3 last evening at 2012-06-24.1708UT.


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