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S5 0716+71 in bright outburst

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S5 0716+71 in bright outburst


the blazar S5 0716+71 is in bright outburst again! My observations from the last night - 317/1500mm Newton:

20151104  21:20 UT   12.6

20151105  04:30 UT   12.5

Best Regards


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Hello Klaus

Thanks for posting this outburst.   I got 3 hours two nights ago, and 11 hours last night in BVI.  I will reduce the data later today and post.



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I got about 3 hours in V last

I got about 3 hours in V last night. It is still at about 12.6. It increased about 0.05 over the first half then switched direction and dropped about 0.04 after that. Data is uploaded. No other data appears to have been uploaded yet other than a single observation on the Nov 3.

--- Dave LDJ

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