Script for Pixinsight

American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
Wed, 05/01/2024 - 15:06

I've put together a script for Pixinsight that does the following:

1) From a selectable folder(s) of master darks and master flat it preloads all of them for matching to a selected group of images. 

2) It then runs an imagecalibration on all the images with the appropriate dark and flat selected for matching filtes, exposures, gains, and readout modes acrossing all the selected images.

3) Does a cosmetic correction with a STD of 3 for hot and cold pixels

4) Does an optional downsizing by a requested factor

5) Adds in the FITS keyword CALSTAT=BDF for process

6) Stores all the results in a folder whose contents can then be uploaded to VPHOT

No magic, other than automating the ability to process multiple exposures, filters, gains, and readout modes in one pass.

If interested I can send it to you. I haven't uploaded it to any of the public Pixinsight sites since it still is a work in progress and I was looking for a beta tester or two to work out any kinks or make some changes.

Anyone find this useful?