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SDSS J164248.52+134751.4- Observations Needed!

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SDSS J164248.52+134751.4- Observations Needed!

The HST COS team needs recent observations of SDSS J164248.52+134751.4 in order to update the Hubble mission team in the next few hours. If you have any observations of this CV that you have not reported to the AAVSO, please do so immediately!

On behalf of the HST COS CV team, thank you very much for your participation and cooperation.

Mike Simonsen

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Observations needed TODAY of SDSS J164248.52+134751.4

Further to Mike Simonsen's posting, observations made TODAY by ~16UT are needed. If you can possibly observe SDSS J164248.52+134751.4 by then (and later during the night, of course), please do so and report your observations immediately to the AAVSO International Database. See AAVSO Alert Notice 471 and AAVSO Special Notice #297 for details on this observing campaign and instructions).

Thank you and good observing,  Elizabeth Waagen

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SDSS J164248.52+134751.4

Hello Mike and Elizabeth

I will try this tonight, if its clear.  Been very cloudy on the Cape. 

Do I understand the Alert notice correctly, that a B time series would be valuable for this object starting soon?  I will be at Bailyhill starting tomorrow, will have a good western horizon, and could do a time series on this object.



Data for Special Notice 299


Hi I will have a go at this with the Yarra Valley Grammar science students, just heading up there now. I know its a little outside the timeframe but we'll grab some data and have it in there hopefully in about 2 hours from now.


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MASTER-Amur: so far, so safe

SDSS J164248.52+134751.4
2012-10-11 11:08:40 UT (20121011.464 UT) 17.4C MASTER-Amur

At the moment automated photometry by the robot is only available (unfiltered with the red zero point). I was not able to download the images in fits. But I am pretty sure the star is at quiescence.

Actually we have 3 images (60-sec exposures) in 2 tubes, but right now we are busy with the optical afterglow of GRB 121011A. Sorry!

Denis Denisenko (on behalf of the MASTER team)

Enrique de Miguel
last observations on SDSS J164248.52+134751.4

 Just measured this HST target at 18.30(11) CV on 2012-10-11 18:51:27 UT, which is about 5 hours before HST points to this target. Yesterday (24 hours ago) it was at 18.39(12) CV. Joe Patterson and Boris have already been notified. Data uploaded to AAVSO database.


CBA Huelva (Spain)

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