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SDSS J205931.86-070516.6

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SDSS J205931.86-070516.6

According to the VSX SDSS J205931.86-070516.6 is a faint dwarf nova with a range from 17.4 - 21.0 r. Looking at the data on this cv in the ASASSN it has rather regular outbursts upto 10.8V! (click on reset zoom)

So this seems to be another bright dwarf nova!



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Incorrect link

Hi Eddy,

The correct link is...

Your link directs to...  MASTER OTJ204200.48+041839.9

It does indeed look like a bright outbursting object.  Good find!


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VSX SDSS J205931.86-070516.6 Sequence

VSX SDSS J205931.86-070516.6 now has a sequence for those with an interest

Tim Crawford, CTX

Sequence Team


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VSX SDSS J205931.86-070516.6

Thanks, Tim. On the ball as usual :-)
Kindest regards
Stephen [HSP]

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Observations planned


I am going to observe the object tonight remotely.



Sebastian Otero
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Not a bright dwarf nova

Guys, don't jump to conclusions.

If the range is published as 17.4 - 21 r, this CV is outside of the ASAS-SN range (which only reaches mag. 17).

What you see are just sporadic detections of the 10.75 Vmag. star BD-7 5461 which is 33" to its NE.

Keep in mind that surveys don't have good resolution and nearby stars will be blended or be included in the photometry in nights of poor seeing.

I had included a light curve from CRTS assuming no light contamination (since it shows variability with the published range of the CV) but this is a nearby red star 10" to the NW of the dwarf nova and the variation is indeed light contamination too. The 10.75 Vmag star is too bright.
See the SDSS image.]

So, don't expect to see outbursts at mag. 10-11. The star reaches mag. 17 at maximum.


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No data from last night

Due to technical problems there are no data from last night.

Based on the comments from Sebastian, I will not continue observations.



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