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Selecting consecutive images

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Selecting consecutive images


I have done this many times before, but its not working now.  I want to send 130 images that were calibrated in Maxim to VPHOT.  I start with the wizzard, and all goes well.  When I try to select all the images, I select the first image ok, but then scroll down to the last image, hit shift and then enter.  It just selects the last image.  What am I doing wrong.  This has happened on two computers in two locations using different internet access.  Any suggestions?

BTW:  when I try to load these same images into Maxim, the shift key works fine and they all open up the consecutive images as selected.  Is there a problem with VPHOT?



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VPhot shift-click selection


Things to check/try if you are having difficulties uploading:
- Use Quick Upload; You need the Wizard only to test that your files are compatible
- Make sure the Upload Method is "Flash", not "Simple". Simple doesnot support shift-click and I've seen where your browser might change the default selection.
- Check the load on the system. It does get busy sometimes. We are investigating load issues on the AWS server.


Can't select multiple images

Hi George,  Your suggestions haven't worked for me on the shift-click for uploading multiple files.  At one time

The  lates versions of Chrome and Firefox won't select multiple files.

Microsoft's web browser (Edge) worked at one time but now it simple crashes.  

Any other suggestions would be welcome.



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Keep Trying Different Browsers

Yes, I too see the shift/click problem in Quick Upload / Flash mode.  Fails in Chrome, but works in Internet Exploder ver 11.  So just keep trying different browsers.  At times it has worked in Chrome.


Can't select multiple images - Keep trying different browers

Thanks Cliff.  Now for whatever reason Chrome is able to load multiple files again.  Nothing changed on my machine that I'm aware of.  Baffling to say the least.


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