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Selecting stars to measure

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Selecting stars to measure

I've been trying to set up a sequence to measure a star that does not have an AAVSO sequence.  The target is in the index so Vphot knows about it.  I loaded the simbad data which gave one star in the field.  I set that up as a comp.  Then I tried clicking on another star to use as a check but nothing happens.

No matter what I do I can't seem to get a reponse to clicking on a star in the image.

Should I be able to do this?  The instructions on the left-hand side when you first load an image seem to indacate this should work.  I also remember doing this some time ago with no problem.


(And yes, I can ask for a sequence to be made.  I just wanted to have a look before that.)

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Worked for Me?


Yes, your memory is correct. I often do the same thing. It just worked for me a few minutes ago. There may have been a very short delay on the first star. However, it did work for a couple of other stars on my image?

May be a short term issue? Try again after getting out of VPhot and back in?


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