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SN in NGC1365

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SN in NGC1365

I have had lost of cloud since this SN has been anounced but got a little clear sky last night so attempted a spectra of the SN. I only too 3 x 600 sec exposures that were somewhat cloud affected so the guiding wasn't great. Despite this the spectra clearly shows features of a type 1 SN.

Taken with a LISA spectrograpgh on a C11 with an ST8XME camera.



SN spectra


Some excellent results there!

Well done.

It just shows that the amateur community now has the capability to contribute some real data on Nova/ SN, and variable stars.

We need to develop some systems and support....

Robin Leadbeater
variable star spectroscopy

Hi Ken,

No need to wait, There are spectroscopic campaigns quietly running in parallel with AAVSO campaigns already (and have been for some years eg eps Aur). A few recent/current examples are

SU Aur

CH Cyg

AZ Cas

T-Tauri stars



AAVSO interest in spectroscopy??

Thanks, Robin.

I'm familiar with the ARAS projects, but I'm really wondering what the AAVSO are doing re support of spectroscopy observations???????

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