Solar Eclipse - August 21, 2017

From our observers, featuring Jessica Johnson (JJMA):

On August 21st of this year, like so many, I have the very exciting opportunity of seeing my first total solar eclipse! Whether you have had the good fortune to view any eclipses in the past or it is your first one, there is an important component to it to keep in mind: safety. As a proud solar observer for the AAVSO I know how crucial this is, as I spend a few minutes on sunny days peering through the eyepiece of my properly filtered telescope counting spots on the surface of the sun. In the awe inspiring moments of an eclipse, viewing the sun safely will still be as crucial as it is on any given day. The links here will provide you with the resources to safely enjoy this captivating astronomical event. I wish you sunny skies in your eclipse viewing and who knows - maybe it will inspire you to join us in the solar section to help monitor solar activity!

The Astronomical League Solar Eclipse 2017 challenge -- click the logo to join


How does an eclipse work?


Apps for all - the eclipse on your mobile device