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Stuck again

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Stuck again

VPHOT stopped processing images again this morning. Sorry I didn't catch it earlier but I uploaded a batch and went off to do some other chores. The last two times it stuck on one of my images. If there is something wrong with my images, someone please tell me.

Jim Roe [ROE]

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Stuck again

Images are now being processed.

There is something wrong with the automated analysis. I will have a look at it later this week as I am mostly away from any computer for the time being.


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Is VPHOT not processing images?

It appears that VPHOT is stuck and not processing images as of Saturday afternoon EDT on June 28, 2014.

Kevin Paxson - PKV

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vphot stuck

Hi Kevin and others,

We're aware of the problem, and are trying to find solutions.  This is a weekend, of course, and even our volunteers are on vacation!  It may be a day or two before things return to normal.  We will be creating a recipe to follow for future bottlenecks.


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VPHOT processing queue

Any ETA on fixing the VPhot processing queue?

Brian (PRV)

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VPhot is now Processing Again!


My most abject apologies. Due to people being out this fell through a crack, and I am sorry.

VPhot is processing again. We have a backlog, currently, of 2000 images in the queue. About 500 are being processed an hour, so we should be current by 20.00UTC.
Doc Kinne

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VPhot is now Processing Again!

Excellent -- Thanks, Doc!

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