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Student Projects (solar)

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Student Projects (solar)


  I posted a request concerning student projects on the AAVSO general discussion forum a few days ago. Since I was also interested in possible SIDs monitoring or other solar projects, it was suggested that I also post something here.

 You can read my previous posts on student projects to get more background. I would very much appreciate more input concerning the solar observing aspect.

Thank You,

 Duane Dedrickson

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For reference

For reference, Duane's general topic on this discussion is here:

This topic is specifically for suggestions on possible projects for university students around solar observing, specifically SID monitoring.

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Observing the sun using the projection method

Hi Duane,

Attached are a couple files with ways you might engage students in observing the sun.  

Also, on this forum is a write up on how a college student (Marjan) in Iran built two SID radios.


Solar Bulletin editor

Thank you Rodney


I need all the help I can get. Your reply was very much appreciated.


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