Suggestions for VPHOT User Guide

Thu, 07/08/2021 - 21:29

George and Ken have been great at helping those of us new to these software tools.  I am amazed at their patience with me as I struggle to learn how to just upload images and set up my equipment profiles.

For rank beginners, it would be better if sections 6 and 8 of the User Guide were placed up near the front, and were greatly expanded.  There is just too much the authors of the guide took for granted, probably because it was so obvious to them.  Also, much more detail needs to be provided about the requirements for the FITS header, including the necessary minute details of the syntax for FITS headers and the acceptable terms that VPHOT uses and requires, especially USER, OBSERVER, TELESCOPE, and FILTER entries.

I set up my 'telescope' profile without understanding the various fields and the sections on filter transforms, etc.  For example, I use a OSC camera and have to submit my separated colors as TG, TB, and TR.  However, the Upload window does not recognize those designations.  This caused me great frustration until George helped me to find and use the 'filter mapping function' in the telescope profile screen.  Problem solved!  My images were accepted in the Quick Load system, and they no longer disappeared into the twilight zone.

My guess is that there are other examples like that that others can share.

Thanks for reading,