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SunEntry question

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SunEntry question

Having become somewhat more mobile again ,I have started to observe the sunspots again ,but I am having a problem submitting my observations.

My problem is that my Win 7 desktop does not have a functioning Internet Explorer (this and Windows Update gave up some time ago ) . I use Google but this no longer supports Java and I gather that  Firefox have also dropped support . I can't use my laptop as this also has a non-functioning Internet Explorer and Windows Update , and has Opera as the browser and this is of course based on Google.I therefore have not been able to load SunEntry.

My question therefore is; how can I submit my observations ?

All suggestions will be gratefully received


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Save to a text file?

Hi Pat,

Perhaps if you have Excel on your machine you could use this spread sheet?   Then send your data to

or to me at

Try this until you can get better access to the internet.  









File upload: 
Save to a text file

Thanks Rodney

Wonder of wonders ,Internet Explorer  has decided to function again on my laptop (I guess it has has had a nice little sleep !) I have now downloaded SunEnter on this computer and have submitted my observations ; I will hold off the spread sheet route for now .

I still wonder what will happen to SunEnter if and when Microsoft stops supporting Java .

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Hi Pat,

I am glad that you were able to get Internet Explorer and SunEntry working again.

Fortunately, since SunEntry is a Java Web Start app (which is very different from an Applet) it has not been blocked from browsers - at least not yet.

One of these days, we probably will have to re-write it, but hopefully we still have some time.

Best regards,


Thanks Sara

I have discovered why I could not download SunEntry in my desk top computer; my Java was outdated . Now that I have the up to date version I have SunEnter (albeit the zip file) and used it successfuly today.

"a little ignorance goes a long way"

Kindest regards


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