U Sco

Alert Notice 367: Monitoring of the Recurrent Nova U Scorpii

January 22, 2008: Dr. Bradley E. Schaefer (Louisiana State University) requests increased monitoring of the recurrent nova U Scorpii (AAVSO 1616-17) over the next 24 months. Observers are asked to add U Sco to their regular observing program and to monitor the star in advance of an outburst predicted to occur around 2009.3 +/- 1.0 year.

Alert Notice 415: Recurrent Nova U Scorpii in outburst

January 28, 2010
Object: U SCO
Coordinates: R.A. 16h 22m 30.80s Dec. -17o 52' 43.0" (2000.0)
The recurrent nova U Sco is in outburst at magnitude V=8.05 on 2010 January 28.4385 UT (JD 2455224.9385) according to observations by Barbara G. Harris, New Smyrna Beach, FL, USA. The outburst was confirmed by Shawn Dvorak, Clermont, FL, USA, who estimated it at V~8.8 at Jan 28.4743 (2455224.9743).