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TESS Full Frame Images and VSX type VAR

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TESS Full Frame Images and VSX type VAR

I ran across an interesting source of TESS data.  See

and their earlier paper

Basically they have performed full frame photometry on the TESS full frame images and made the results available for sectors 1-5.  I took their CLEAN light curves and variability metrics and did a cross-match to VSX.  I found the results very interesting. 

Needless to say, there are more interesting things here than I can deal with in my lifetime.  So I thought I would share some of these with the community and see if anyone else finds them of interest.  I took the subset of light curves that match VSX objects of type "VAR" and put them on the web -

These are the original LC files from Oelkers & Stassun with a header add that allows VStar to directly load using the Flexible Text plugin (  In comments in these files are also the variablity metrics.

I hope you find these interesting, and update VSX.

Attached are a couple interesting looking LCs.



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