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TG Support for Landolt Fields Released - Version 6.4

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TG Support for Landolt Fields Released - Version 6.4

TG V6.4 is now available.  It supports the Landolt Fields recently highlighted by George Silvis standards field page at 

Operation of TG is slightly different  for Landolt Fields. After imaging the fields and creating instrument magnitude files, the files are loaded into TG.  The user selects the file format and selects the Landolt Fields button.  The difference is that TG retrieves the field RA/Dec from the instrument file.  (VPHOT and AIP4WIN automatically include this in the file.)  If other file formats are used, TG will display a window asking the user to enter the RA/Dec of the Landolt Field. 

When a Landolt Field set of transforms is saved, it is given the name “LF HH.H+DD” where HH.H is the RA hour angle and DD is the declination.  This label appears on the menu showing multiple sets of transforms.

Full information is available at


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