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TG V5.8 Release - mandatory update for new VSP API

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TG V5.8 Release - mandatory update for new VSP API

TG V. 5.8 has been released.  There are no visible changes to the user other than the version number change.  Internally the interface to VSP has been updated to the new VSP API.  This update is mandatory. Previous versions of TG will no longer run when the old VSP is retired - which will occur soon (within a few weeks of mid August 2015).

If you have already installed a previous TG version, the update only requires you to copy the new TransformGenerator_V5.8.pyw file to your "Photomertry" folder - usually c:/anaconda/Photometry if you did a normal install.  Then create a new launch icon in the regular manner.

You can download the zip file containing the new release (and demonstration file) at or go to for full information regarding TG.

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