Things I have found so far

American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
Thu, 02/18/2016 - 16:54

Hello All

I just finished my first bunch of cards and I thought that I would add things that are not in the instructions document.

These are gathered from Box11A/E so they may be different then those you see.

First is that Mr Eggen's primary catalog appears to be the HD Catalog as I have found it to be the first in the upper LHS of the card.  Next is the GC followed by the ADS Catalogs.  They are not always labeld with their alpha titles either, but the first one is nearly always the HD star.  The GC sometimes looks like the "C" is a "L".  The ADS is mostly noted with an "A" but sometimes it has the full ADS.  I have also found FK5 Catalog noted as "F", "FK" but rarely "FK5".  A very few Flemming names too.

All these are cross reference stars to the HD star and so far I have not found a truely "second" star on the card.   All these are shown at the bottom of the SIMBAD screen which also helps to verify the corrdinates.

I find it very interesting that he NEVER added a date to any of the cards I have seen to date, very strange.

I have been trying to figure out his notations like (+007+015) and the such.  I thought they may be the old WDS format but have not found any proof of that yet.

Onward to 11A/F.

Hope this helps others.

John R