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TW Vul outburst

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TW Vul outburst

TW Vul is currently in bright outburst - I measured it at v=13.081(9) last night, JD 57161.8046.  Looking at the LCG it appears to have an outburst every 1-2 years.  The last outburst was on March 26, 2014 (JD 56742) - a single (unnoticed at the time) observation of mine.  Disclaimer: there are lots of CVs (and many more found every week) so I'm only mentioning this outburst in case someone has a special interest in this star.

Shawn (DKS)

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TW Vul


I tried to get 4 hrs or so of BVRI data 2 nights ago with a remote control 17" scope.  Waited for it to rise enough, acquired the field, and was just figuring out appropriate exposures when a cloud started moving in from the NE -- first obscuring Vulpecula, then wiping out much of the northern sky, making me think I'd better close up the dome and go to bed.

Hope you got some good observations.

Clear skies,


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TW Vul

Why am I the star can not find in a planer?

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Nickolay, if you go to VSP

Nickolay, if you go to VSP ( and put in TW VUL, then you can choose the scale you want. If you choose F you will get a chart with comparison stars to 15.3.

Good luck with your pbserving
Stephen [HSP]

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TW Vul Outburst 2015

Hi Shawn,


my observation last night (22.05.2015 01:20 UT) shows TW Vul with 13m,2 visually in 406/1829mm Newton!  The outburst gos on.



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TW Vul Outburst 2015


That's good news. I've not had much luck here, weatherwise. The summer rainy season is starting up but hopefully I'll get few more clear nights yet.


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TW Vul dimming

I observed TW Vul last night (around JD 2457167.955) and its non-transformed V mag was 16.2 and B Mag 16.7.  Guess the outburst is over...........


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