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Unable to upload image

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Unable to upload image

I am not able to upload any images into VPhot. Please help ...

Hardware/Software are Orion G3 monochrome camera being controlled by the Orion provided software (Camera Studio Ver., uploading to AAVSO-VPhot via a Chrome browser (ver. 39.0.2171.95m)

Using the online upload Wizard, with a created telescope profile, the following error message occures when I upload a FIT camera image file.

"Invalid or Missing DATE-OBS header field. Can not continue"

The header printout below the error message correctly displayes parameters such as number of pixels, pixel pitch, etc. and in the DATE_OBS field gives

"2014-12-16 T03:44:36"

According to info on the FITS format from the NASA Goddard website this is a valid format for this field execpt possibly for the space infront of the "T", so I modified the file header, removing this space, using the NASA Goddard FITS file editor "Fv" and tried upload the modifed file but still received the same error message i.e.

"Invalid or Missing DATE-OBS header field. Can not continue"

The hearder printout for the modified file does reflect the the modified field entery with the space preceiding the "T" removed i.e.


Please Help, Thanks

Steve H


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Hi Steve,

In one place you mention "DATE-OBS" and in another place you mention "DATE_OBS".  Be sure your program has a hyphen and not an underscore.


Problem Resolved


Thanks, your observation is correct.

The NASA Goddard referance for the FITS standard field name is DATE-OBS, and not DATE_OBS as the camera software from Orion generates this field name to be.  I edited the name in one of the field generated by the software to use a hyphen instead of an underscore and VPhot acceped the uploaded file.

Thanks Again


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