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American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
Full Name
Paul Benni
Acton, MA, US
Background/Interesting Fact
I am interested in CCD photometry of exoplanet transits, stars with dust disks, variable stars, and asteroids (NEOs). I have recorded and posted more than 100 LCs of known transiting exoplanets from magnitude 7.0-15.5 stars, which can be found on the Exoplanet Transit Database of the Czech Astronomical Society. I am conducting an exoplanet search using a Celestron RASA telescope which I call the Galactic Plane Exoplanet Survey (GPX). I also collected data to verify exoplanet candidates for exoplanet survey teams. I currently observe TESS exoplanet candidates for the TESS SG1 team.
Based in Eastern Massachusetts, USA.
CHOICE Courses Completed
Variable Star Classification and Light Curves 2017-03-03