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Using CLEANest

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Using CLEANest

The example in the manual for using CLEANest only shows what amounts to the very last step of the process after all of the approximate frequencies of interest have been identified. The real work and the major benefit of CLEANEST is in identifying those frequencies. I have attached a PDF of the entire process of applying CLEANest to the same star dataset (as far as I can determine) from start to finish including a final check to avoid a potential confounding condition in applying CLEANest.

I would like corrections, comments, suggestions and, most of all, feedback on whether this document is useful in explaining and clarifying the process of using the CLEANest tool in VStar.  This is not an explanation of the theory behind CLEANest. It is only an explanation and step-by-step example of how to use it in VStar. 

Thanks for your assistance

Brad Walter, WBY

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Using CLEANest

Hello Brad Walter, the tutorial is very good, it has been very useful for me to understand Cleanest, since I speak Spanish, I translated it by the google translator and I found it difficult to reconcile the explanation with the images, but I finally managed to understand the process, I am going to record a video tutorial in Spanish because there is almost nothing in Spanish to guide you on this

But as I have seen that you know about the subject, I ask you the following. When there is a period found in the residuals that is very close to those found in the power spectrum of the data, I insert it into cleanest as a variable period, and an infinity symbol appeared, and the values ​​in the table are deleted (attached an image), is this because this period is very similar to that of the initial DCDFT and rather I should choose the closest value in the data spectrum table, the one that is in the initial DCDFT and NOT the value found in the waste?

Thank you very much in advance

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