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V0392 Per is not recognized in VPHOT.

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V0392 Per is not recognized in VPHOT.


V0392 Per is found in VSX and has comp stars but is not recognized in VPHOT.  I have confirmed the image coordinates match the variable.  Can this be added to the VPHOT database?


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V0392 Per


VPhot uses VSX for targets. It does not have a separate database. Share an image with me at MZK.



David Benn
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Query method?

Hi Ken

Does VPHOT use the VSX web service or a database query?

If a web service call, the star in question is findable:

VStar finds it too (although currently uses a database query). At one point, VStar's query had to be beefed up to handle some kinds of object IDs. I don't recall the details right now but can look this up if needed.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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V0392 Per Found in VPhot


I had run v0392 Per last February so I knew it worked. I ran another image last night and just downloaded the comps, and this target from the VSX button in VPhot.

The target happens to be very close to comp 150 and is fainter. Depending on your resolution it may not have been apparent or may have shown initially as an unidentified object.

But, I did see it on my VPhot image.


PS: David - It does work and has for a long time. Thanks for your idea.

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