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V1047 Cen (Nova 2005) brightening to 16.1 mag (dwarf nova outburst?)

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V1047 Cen (Nova 2005) brightening to 16.1 mag (dwarf nova outburst?)

V1047 Centauri (N)

Brightening by 2 magnitudes in recent Gaia Alerts data (Gaia19cfn):

CENV1047 20190416.184 18.08G Gaia
CENV1047 20190610.174 16.20G Gaia
CENV1047 20190610.248 16.14G Gaia

No remarkable brightening in ASAS-SN Sky Patrol (Shappee et al. 2014ApJ...788...48S and Kochanek et al. 2017PASP..129j4502K) observations, which are contaminated by nearby stars:

*** Follow-up observations (e.g. spectroscopy, multiband photometry) are urgently required. ***

Clear skies,

Hi Patrick,

Hi Patrick,

I need to finish performing a proper data reduction, but based on visual comparison with Johnson V-band images I acquired earlier today remotely from Siding Springs, yes it seems to be @ ~16 Vmag.

I'll do my best to get more data in the coming days.



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V1047 Cen Sequence





V1047 Cen Sequence Updated & Extended Fainter

Tim Crawford, Sequence Team


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ATel #12876

Przemek Mroz and Andrzej Udalski (Warsaw U. Observatory), on behalf of the OGLE team: "Rebrightening of V1047 Cen (Nova Cen 2005)"

Quote: "We encourage follow-up spectroscopic observations."

Archival OGLE light curve:

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