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V339 Del's 1900 coordinates?

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V339 Del's 1900 coordinates?

Has anyone bothered to calculate the 1900 coordinates for V339 Del? I still record my nightly observation in order of their old Harvard/AAVSO designation system and would like to put the nova into its proper place in my list (there are a lot of variables within the 20th hour of RA!).

I had a conversion program a while back, but don't know what became of it the moment. Thus, any assistance rendered by someone who has already run the calculations would be most appreciated. Thanks guys.

J.Bortle   (BRJ)


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Re: V339 Del's 1900 coordinates?


Using Guide 9.0, I get 20:19:04.3, +20:26:44.8 (B1900.0) for V339 Del.  I still use H.D.'s to order my observation lists as well.


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Many thanks, Bob. I saw your

Many thanks, Bob. I saw your reply just as I was about to write-up last evening's observing run. Nice to fit V339/Nova Del into its rightful place on the page.

John    (BRJ)

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