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V4018 Sgr, a ZAND star in outburst

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Sebastian Otero
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V4018 Sgr, a ZAND star in outburst

AAVSO Alert Notice #470 informs about the outburst of this symbiotic star.

While checking ASAS-3 data, I found that the orbital period of this system is 501 d. and that it displays large amplitude (0.5 mag.) ellipsoidal variability and also reflection effect at its quiescent state.

This light curve uploaded to VSX also includes some observations from Henden and Munari's 2008 paper on symbiotics:

It would be interesting to see if this orbital variability is still present or is hidden now that the star is in outburst.


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V4018 Sgr on APASS

This position is 1.6 degrees from the nominal center of APASS field 31397, observed on 4 nights from 2011 through 2012; and about 1.5 degrees from the center of 31514, observed on 3 nights.  In the epoch photometry database, I only see one i-band measure from the 31514 field; we can probably get other photometry directly from the images.  The secondary field centers that have the target better positioned have not been observed yet.


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