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V582 Mon monitoring requested

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V582 Mon monitoring requested

AAVSO Alert Notice 693 announces a campaign on the YSO V582 Mon (KH 15D). Please see the notice for details and observing instructions.

Many thanks, and Good observing,

Elizabeth O. Waagen, AAVSO HQ

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Hi Elizabeth, just checking but the submission name to the AAVSO says V694 Mon - is this a typo and it should read V582 Mon?

cheers, Merv


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Yes, name typo - report as V582 Mon

Hi Marv,

Yes, this was a typo on my part and it should be V582 Mon - on the day I wrote the Alert Notice for V582 Mon I had also been working on one on V694 Mon (MWC 560), and the Alert Notice numbers were 692 and 693. I confused myself! Thanks for catching it -

Good observing,


KH 15D = V582 Mon activity

The near-IR spectroscopy scheduled for this star is underway.  Although the star has been faint and difficult to measure, some additional I-band photometry would be helpful in asessing the state of the system ust now.  I have obtained V and I data in the past two weeks, but it is now cloudy locally (Arizona), so cannot follow the star during the spectroscopic observations.



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