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VOTable format download?

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David Benn
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VOTable format download?

Hi all

What's the current status of VOTable AID data download?

Currently at we can download data as CSV, TSV, space-delimited. These formats are better suited for manual inspection/manipulation in a text editor or Excel than for automated processing.

If available, I would like to provide support for it in VStar, for example. It would be one solution/alternative to this post about CSV.

I believe support for it was discontinued at some point.

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David (et. al.): VOTable

David (et. al.):

VOTable data downloads has a bit of a long and torturous history with the AAVSO. It was orignally done by Aaron several years ago to 1.0 specs. That broke at one point. Then two years ago Brian Kloppenberg, during a week's stay here, rewrote the whole thing in Python (something new to us back then) to the 1.2 standard. This broke at one point (and I don't remember why, but it may have had something to do with a library).

Now, this year, we got grant of sorts from the Virtual Observatory people and Matt & I will be working with them to implement several things for the AAVSO and the Virtual Observatory. We're working out details (first meeting was two weeks ago) but a VOTable download may be in those plans.

Doc Kinne
Astronomical Technologist

David Benn
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Hi Doc, all Yes, I had the

Hi Doc, all

Yes, I had the impression that there was a bit of a tortuous history. 

If you want me to assess the current state of the Python implementation, feel free to point me to it. I may be a bit of a Java afficionado, but my previous place of work involved Python and C/C++ in equal measures, and I'm not religious about choice of language. 

This IVOA VOTable page (from the VO Documents page) indicates that 1.2 is still at the proposal stage, but it looks as if that's the current stable point.

Anyway, please let me know if I can help. This is something that tools like VStar could make use of.




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