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VPhot minor upgrade released

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VPhot minor upgrade released

A bug fix was released this morning, bringing us to version 4.0.5

- In the Telescope Profiles the Latitude, Longitude and Comment fields got stepped on. I've cleared the Comment fields and tried to reset the Lat/Long from old data.   Please review your profiles!
- You will notice that the drop down lists for Telescopes is different. There are two names associated with each telescope profile: DisplayName and HeaderName. The drop downs now show the HeaderName because this is what needs to match the FITS header keyword TELESCOP.

Other things happening with VPhot:
   We now have five volunteer programmers available to work on the VPhot team. We're getting ready to get in there and fix and improve. So if you have thoughts on things in VPhot that need fixing, please post them in the forum.


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