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VPHOT Not Responding 180611

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VPHOT Not Responding 180611

VPhot stopped responding when I try to access it through the link on the page

I'm attaching a PDF screen dump of the error.

I was hitting it pretty hard with the upload right before this happened so sorry if I broke it.


VPHOT Not responding

Hey John,

Sorry you have been having issues. I was able to log in to VPHOT just fine now, so I'm unsure what caused the issue. If you are still having problems please let me know.



Bert Pablo

Staff Astronomer


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Connection Issue


Have you tried to connect again? It may be intermittent initially.

However, this issue has been reported by Lew Cook as well and it is permanent for him now. It probably relates to the size of your analysis log (not image list) that is archived until removed manually by administrator?  When George S. returns about mid-month, we hope that it can be resolved?

I hope it doesn't impact others in the next week?


It started working again

It started working again yesterday afternoon (about 6 hours after my report) so I assumed it was fixed.  If it fixed itself all the better.

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