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VPhot Processing Again!

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VPhot Processing Again!


GRRRRRRR!!!  Very sorry for the loss of functionality over the (US) holiday weekend! As Murphy would have it, things like this happen at the worst time.

I am writing a small guide for folks here at HQ to be able to restart the VPhot process should they see that it is stuck and hopefully this will improve our response time.

Having said that, this time getting VPhot to work again was not a simple task. There were seemingly several files uploaded during 4 July that caused the service to crash continually. Lew, I have no idea if the files were yours and I don't care. Don't blame yourself. This is something we have to look into, and I'm sure we can.

I expect VPhot to be caught up by, say, 1800UTC or a bit sooner. It had about 700 images to get through.

Thanks for your patience, folks!  Looking forward to a better July than June was!  :-)
Doc Kinne, KQR
AAVSO Astronomical Technologist

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VPhot freeze again

Thank you Doc,

Vphot processed normaly for several hours but now it freeze again on the image 1_21850e.fts.



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Vladimir: Yes, we caught


Yes, we caught that. Thanks!

The VPhot queue has now officially caught up with all processing.
Doc Kinne, KQR
AAVSO Astronomical Technologist

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Some VPHOT images missing

I am missing some images from July 5 that were in the VPHOT queue before VPHOT processing froze over the weekend.  The images were listed on the froze queue and now that VPHOT processing is complete, my eight images are missing.  Perhaps others have encountered the same problem.  Are these images temporarily lost?  Should these images be re-submitted for processing?  Thanks,  Kevin Paxson - PKV

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resubmitting images

Hi Kevin,

Clearing out the logjam this time took a bit more work than normal, so a block of files that included the miscreants, but probably might have included some good files as well, was moved into a temporary directory for inspection when time permits.  I'd go ahead and resubmit your 8 files, as this will be the quickest way to access them for analysis.


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