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VPHOT Processing Queue

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VPHOT Processing Queue

VPHOT Processing Queue seems to be overloaded this morning...

Is there an issue?

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VPHOT Processing Queue

Still hung up.  There are hundreds of images in the queue.  It is stuck on  b_per_bsm_nh2_i_200120.1751_hqa.fts

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VPhot slow down

The queue is now moving again.

A large batch of un-plate-solved images was uploaded by the AAVSOnet, and VPhot was struggling to solve them itself.



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SLOW but not Hung! Fixed.

Phil et al:

Yes, there are a LARGE number of b_Per images that are not plate-solved and are clogging the queue. They take 3 minutes a piece before they fail three catalogs!

We have removed them from the queue so it should move along better!

Sorry, Ken

PS: Thus the desire to plate-solve before uploading. These happen to be faint and difficult to plate solve by pinpoint off line too! Ugh!

No change in queue status

The queue seems to be stalled, I have seen no change in status for the last three days. I uploaded a single file, to test a new setup, but have not seen it in the queue or posted as available.  It has been a while since I used VPhot so I could be doing something wrong.

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No active images in queue


Not sure what you observed but there are no active images in the queue at the moment. There are six inactive images that we will remove manually. It has certainly not been stuck for three days!

I assume that you can try again? Try to describe exactly what happens. You can always email me off-line at for assistance.


I'm getting too old for this :>)


Thanks for the quick reply.  I tried again a few minutes ago and VPhot worked fine, image was uploaded and processed quickly.  I have no idea what I (or my system) was doing wrong earlier.  I thought I had followed the Wizard step-by-step instructions, same as I did today.  Must be my 83 year old memory :>).

I think the six active images listed may have been what made me think the queue was stuck.  It looked to me (erroneously) that, with zero images being processed, the queue was not moving.  My mistake, sorry for the confusion.  All is well.


Image stuck


I do some of observing through and occassionally an image will get stuck in the processing queue and not get through. There's one there now with the name:-


Any suggestions about what to do when this happens?


Bill Rea

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Nothing to do

Hi Bill:

This happens once in a while. Much of the time it is an itelescope image that doesn't make it through the queue. As far as we can tell, the images often look to be partial/corrupted for some reason.

In any case, they do not plug up the queue. The file name just sits there until we get around to deleting it. So, unless you have some other concern, it is nothing to worry about.


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