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VPHOT queue frozen...

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VPHOT queue frozen...

Looks like VPHOT is not processing any images...

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I agree.....must have

I agree.....must have uploaded my M67 images 40X and not one of them is ending-up in my image display.  I even erased all but 8 of the images in my image box and still no successful uploads.  Aw well, back to processing on the trusty desktop!


James - FJQ

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Repeated Upload

Hi James:

Unfortunately the stuck queue had nothing to do with the difficulty you are having with your uploads. The brief hiccup yesterday with the image queue was noticed and resolved with a restart even before Gordon's note was seen. When I looked at the queue at midnight, there were only about 10 images left. This am, there are none. The VPhot queue is regularly monitored and restarted as needed.

If in fact you tried to upload your M67 images 40x (or fewer?) and none appeared in your account image list, I can virtually guarantee that you ran up against the intentional QC check against duplicate images and the known bug related to very similar filter/image names.

I had hoped you would notice my post on the Transform Campaign in response to your upload issue. I'm quite confident we can resolve your problem if we work together. I think the best way is to work off-line by email or Skype.  I sent you my email privately. I'm very interested in helping so we have successful/happy users. I hope you are not so disillusioned that you want to give up. You are still here on the forum. So, I'm ready if you are?

Hopeful, Ken

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