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VPhot Rebooted

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VPhot Rebooted


We'd gotten some word that people were experiencing memory problems trying to get into VPhot this afternoon. I logged into the server and found that 90% of the memory was in use.  I took the unusual step of rebooting the VPhot server. We're now down to 50% memory in use and both the FTP and image processing services are running.

There was nothing in the incoming directory for image processing when I rebooted the system.

I logged in to my VPhot account with no issue, so I'm hoping that will alleviate the problem.
Doc Kinne


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Hi Doc 

Do you have any idea what all this stuff in memory was?  It was taking half the capacity!  Did you reboot VPHOT this morning?



David Benn
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Memory leaks?

Any chance VPhot has memory leaks? This is not uncommon even with the best of intentions/effort.

Has a tool like Valgrind or the Microsoft equivalent been run against the C++ (as I recall) code?

Just a thought.

Then again, Doc's comment suggests that such high memory usage is unusual, and I also don't know over what period of time that occurred (getting to 90%).


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