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is Vphot server disk full?

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is Vphot server disk full?

Hi all,

Could somebody check if the server that is running Vphot is OK. The queue does not seem to move forward. Perhaps the disk is full or there is some other hiccup.


-Mika Luostarinen

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is Vphot server disk full?

Hi Mika,

Spot on, the disk was full. I have cleaned up, and the images in the queue are currently being processed. I can see that some of the images only got partly transferred to the server, so you should check to see if you have to re-send some of them.

We keep all images for 6 months, and it is unfortunately a manual task to monitor the disk from running full. In addition there are lots of files being created to disk as you work with your images (jpegs being generated, temp files during upload and download, backup of your fits etc.). So there's also a lot if disk cleaning happening automatically in the background. It was a shortcoming in this automated cleanup that caused the disk to run full this time. I'm woking that.


Thanks Geir! I will shortly

Thanks Geir!

I will shortly start uploading last nights SS cygni timeseries. 

-Mika Luostarinen

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