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VPHOT Star Labeling Inconsistant

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VPHOT Star Labeling Inconsistant

I've been running sets of M-67 images through VPHOT to generate data to feed to TG but also using the VPHOT data to populate a spreadsheet.

I ran into variations in the way VPHOT labels a couple of the catalog stars.

In the three attached files, the B Filter image shows in the upper right corner a star labeled "128_3".

In the V Filter image it's "128_1".

In the R and I Filter image it's "128_2".

Other stars in the 128 series (and other series) show variation in thir labels.  In some cases I can load and then reload an image and see changes in the labeling.

I used Visual Pinpoint to plate solve all images before uplading to VPHOT.

Is this normal behavior? Surely not.

Could there be a problem with the way Pinpoint is attaching WCS data to the header?  I'll try uplading files that have not been plate solved and let VPHOT do it to see if that approach gives more consistant labeling.

Jim Seargeant




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Comp Names

Yes Jim, this is normal BUT TG will figure this out and assign the unique AUID for all comps when it runs the data. This took Gordon a little while to resolve when he created the VPhot interface for TG.

So apply the AAVSO Standard Stars and download the instrumental magnitudes for each filter. Save the files and import to TG. That is a very brief explanation. If you were at the Fall 2014 meeting, this will make sense. Otherwise, we can talk off-line?


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