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VPhot stuck again (any solutions?)

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VPhot stuck again (any solutions?)


It appears VPhot is stuck (I am afraid to say yet again). I notice new images joining the queue very slowly, but nothing (at the moment) exiting the queue. I have a few images in the queue for over 9 hours.

VPhot is a great piece of software, and I would be doing very little photometry without it. But it is hobbled by the frequent long delay in the queue.

Has anybody any ideas to solve (or alleviate) this problem?

One could impose a quota on members' uploads per day, particularly as large time-series clog up the system. This might encourage some to do more off-line processing before upload. Any chance that VPhot might become a stand-alone program - so images are no longer uploaded?







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delays in VPhot uploads


I think John brings up a point the AAVSO will have to face sooner or later- the clogging of the system by uploads of groups of literally hundreds of images from the same observer.  (I'm not pointing to any specific observer here.)  As the advantages of this wonderful tool become more widely known there will probably come a time, if upload controls are not instituted,  when the system will become permanently clogged.  I think some type of upload limitations will have to be impossed eventually, so perhaps it's time to start the discussion.

Regarding a non-cloud version of VPhot:  For me, one of the many advantages of using VPhot is that the system takes care of all the "housekeeping" of the data.  I don't have to create a formal database to keep track of my own data.  Yes, I still keep my data, raw and calibrated images and the text reports, but finding the calibrated images and reports on VPhot is soooo much easier.




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