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Ed Wiley_WEY
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VPhot Upload

In both Chrome and MS Edge I can select only one target at a time to upload. (Win10, Ctrl "a" does not work and neither does shift. select) Is anyone else having this problem. If so, how did you solve it?

Ed Wiley

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Control "a"/Shift Select

Hello Ed

Has similar issues a month ago.  Someone on the forum posted that Active X and Flash had to be enabled for this to work.  Chrome does not support it as a default, but you can download something to add it.  Tried it and it did not work easily.  I was impatient and just downloaded the latest IE browser and it all started working for me.  Perhaps this will work for you. 



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Active X

Hi Ed

Simply put Active X has to be enabled for the offending browser to be able to select several targets at the same time, that’s it.

 Google “Enabling Active X for (Whatever Brand) Browser” there are even videos on how to do it and that should fix it.

Clear skies!


Ed Wiley_WEY
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VPhot Upload

I took Gary's advice and pulled up IE. Works fine. I note that Edge no longer supports Active X. I would have to do more research on Chrome, there are a bunch of ActiveX settings. But I am sure it would work as per Pablo's advice. Too much trouble, I'm lazy, IE will do.

Thanks for the tip Gary!


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Chrome upload of images

I found the attached instructions worked to enable uploading multiple images from Chrome.  Make this change on the upload web site - do not use the general aavso web site address.  When I did it the upload web page was




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