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VPHot Upload - Disregard for now

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Ed Wiley_WEY
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VPHot Upload - Disregard for now

I may have found the problem in the FITS header.


Anyone having VPhot upload problems? I have been trying to get some Ic filter images to upload. They were taken at the same integration time and sequentially with a set of V-filter images. The V-filter images loaded fine, the Ic filter images returned the message at the bottom of this post. RA and Dec are not that far from perfect, a check using the manual entry showed no problems with the FITS header information. Image scael is the same as the successfully uploaded V-filter. Quality does not look too bad. Three attempts using 5 or 51 images returned the same message for each frame. Perhaps I should platesolve them off line?



No matching stars found. Check your estimated center-point RA/Dec, and your image scaling and quality.

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