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VPHOT Upload issues

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VPHOT Upload issues

I am having a problem with Upload Wizard Step 2

After completion of uploading a zipped .FIT file The "Next" button flashes and is then is greyed out.

I can not clink on this button to proceed to step 3.

This is happening about 80% of the time. I have the same issue on 2 computers.

I am using FireFox Quantum 59.0.2 (64 bit) and MS Edge and both browsers have this problem

Windows 10 Home 64 bit on both computers.

I have had this problem only after the VPHOT was brought up after the hack.

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80% Upload Issue?

Hi Erik:

'Sometimes' is always the worst kind of issue to debug!  Ugh!

Alternatively, thinking about work-arounds. Do you need to use a zip file? I know it may help shrink the file but perhaps not that much? Depends on your internet connection speed, of course. Try multiple unzipped image files.

Do you need to use wizard? I suspect you are using that because your images do not contain all the necessary fits headers?

If you answered YES to both questions, I haven't helped but I thought I would ask. ;-(


PS: When the reinstall on the new x64 bit OS was conducted, porting of code was necessary and it may have lead to some new issues? Uploading has always had some issues for a few of us?

VPHOT Upload issues

Hi Ken,

Thanks for your comments.

I was able to upload 4 zipped files on another WIN 10 PC.

It maybe a Adobe Flash issue.


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