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VPHOT upload problem

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VPHOT upload problem

For the second time in the past week I can not upload certain images - they seem to disappear.  I'm suspicious that its because the same target is imaged a couple of hours earlier, and the only difference in the file name is the time tag in the file name - e.g. calibrated-t50-gmyers.raso-a-asas on one image and calibrated-t50-gmyers.raso-a-asas on the other.   They are obviously long file names and maybe that's part of the issue.

Also, when I tried to upload 3 images, the status bar did not complete before moving on to the next image.  See the attached screen capture taken during the upload.



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These filenames are ~85

These filenames are ~85 characters long. The file system allows character names, by which they mean the full character path of the name (i.e. C:\data\aavso\filename.dat as an example) to be ~200 characters. We shouldn't have a problem, but there are several mitigating factors depending on the individual programs involved in the chain.

Honestly, my first thought would be to shorten the filenames as a test.

-Doc Kinne

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